Processing & Packaging Services

In order for you to book your spot in a room or storage space, please make sure you register with the website and login to the website to submit a request through the proper facility schedule page (it is here that you can check room availability and acess news about that particular room).

On receipt of your request through the website, our staff review your details and set up a meeting date to discuss your product and the process rooms you wish to use. After it is confirmed, your dates will be entered into our calendar! 

A little bit about our services:

Food Processing 

  • Cold pressing
  • Dehydrating of various products
  • Slicing, peeling, shredding, dicing
  • Centrifuge drying
  • Washing and sanitizing

Food Cooking 

  • Conventional cooking over gas open flame
  • Cooking in large tilting kettles
  • Cooking in dual convection ovens
  • Sauté or steam vegetables in tilting skillet
  • Flash freezing using liquid nitrogen


Food Packaging 

  • Vacuum packaging
  • MAP (Modified Atmospheric Packaging available)
  • Tamper-evident seals
  • Heat-sealed pouches
  • Corrugated cases and coding/taping

Liquid Filling 

  • Semi-automatic filling of containers from 50 ml – 4000 ml
  • Product pasteurization and cooling available

Product Development

  • Product development/Quality Control Lab
  • Food Technologists available for hire (as required)

Dry Storage 

  • Climate-controlled dry storage available for ingredients and packaging
  • Traceability system (all products are tagged for tracking purposes within facility)

Cold Storage

  • Cold storage with temperature maintained between 38F-42F/3C-6C with a limit of 30 pallets

Freezer Storage

  • Freezer storage with temperature maintained at 0F/-18C with a limit of 65 pallets

Product Controlled Tempering Room

  • Temperature in this area can be programmed to adjust temperature over 24-hour period from 0F/-18C – 70F/21C  with a limit of 12 pallets


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